Saturday, 21 May 2011

The rapture lot are tweeting like there's no tomorrow!

I have to admit I am bored with the whole rapture thing. As predicted by most, religious and atheists alike it did not happen. I am not a fan of religions but I am sparing a thought for the majority of Christians who have been abused through out the day due to the ramblings of a mad man (and yes I have thrown my tuppence in too). But tonight I am going on the beer and I intend to forget about the whole thing.

But before I go I want to spare a thought to the innocent victims of this farce. The kids who's parent's blind faith and borderline mental illness would have taken them on an emotional roller coaster of fear, excitement and god knows (yes I know I am being ironic) what else over however long they have been signed up to the rubbish. It is my humble opinion (and I know it accounts for very little) that the authorities should be considering this as child abuse. Let's be honest telling your kids theyre gonna be taken up to heaven if the believe in and love with their whole hearts some anthropomorphic self indulgent creator and if they don't they will suffer months of hell on earth before they are consummed by the fires themselves is pretty fucked up. But as most of the followers are American where sadly a nation that was sensible enough to set itself up on a nonsecular premise has swallowed religious dogma like a japanese whore swallows cum at a bukkake party then this call will fall on deaf ears. Thankfully there is a ground swell of american atheists prepared to "preach" the word of reason.

But that's enough from me. I'm off to the pub to celebrate life, love and happiness. Evolution is a wonderful thing.

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